Areas of Practice

  • Family Law
  • DUI
  • Auto Injury Attorney
  • Workers Compensation Attorney

R. Clarke Speaks is an Injury Lawyer. He recovers money for people injured in auto and workplace accidents. Clarke has recovered millions of dollars for injured people since he started the Speaks Law Firm in 1997. The mission of the firm is simple. We stand up for people against big insurance companies.

We fulfill that mission in two ways. First, we provide reliable information for injured people at an early stage of their claim. We want them to know the rules and the process so that they can make informed decisions. Informed decisions lead to better outcomes. We want them to have this information early in the claims process so that they can avoid common and expensive mistakes.

Second, we fight for our clients. We fight to ensure that they will have the best medical care, least inconvenience and most compensation. We fight to ensure that each insurance company pays what it should. We fight to make our clients mentally, physically and financially whole again after an accident. 

In addition to helping injured people, Clarke has another passion. He believes in investing time and resources in our local youth sports programs. The Speaks Law Firm regularly sponsors youth sports teams. In addition, Clarke coaches soccer and basketball. The focus of any Speaks Law Firm youth sports team is to do our best, get better and have fun.

Clarke graduated from East Carolina University and Campbell University, School of Law. He has received various honors and distinctions throughout his career. He has written a guidebook for young lawyers for the North Carolina Bar Association. He has been a presenter at legal education seminars for the North Carolina Bar Association. Clarke is the author of The North Carolina Auto Injury Book. He has written other books and articles. He has spoken to large and small groups about his approach to the practice of law.